It is a matter of immense pleasure to speak about Krishna Public Collegiate also known as KPC which is so near to my heart. It dates back to the spring of the year 1987,  when the nature was in its full bloom to bestow an educational institution to Kashipur. It was just a co-incidence that a casual reference was made by some one who wanted to have the land presently occupied by KPC on rent for opening a school Wonderful are the ways of the nature that simultaneously a similar intuition had cropped up in the mind of my respected Buaji and Babuji in Satyashram, where they were as usual preparing for the morning prayer. As soon as I entered the holy complex of Satyaashram I was confronted by Babuji that can I fulfil the desire of Buaji for opening a school for which she is ready to provide all her life savings approx. 1.5 Lakh as a primary teacher at Kashipur. It was a challenge for me and I accepted it and started seriously to undertake this project for which I was amply helped by my kin including Mr Rakesh Saxena & Mr V. K. Bitta and ball was set rolling. The foundation was laid on an auspicious day, i.e., Nav Durga Havan at Satyashram with the blessings of my father late Sri A.L Saxena and holy saint Yatiji Maharaj. The ground was too deep and was covered with cactus bushes. The school was to be opened in the month of July and as the time was very short, it was an uphill task to achieve the goal. The work was started on war footings and within a few days time the area was cleared off and filling of the ground started. In view of the limited funds, the donation and loans were raised from the family members and simultaneously Krishna Memorial Trust in the name of Late Mr Krishna Chandra Saxena Husband of late Mrs. Parwati Devi Saxena was established for imparting education research, scientific and cultural advancement.

We were lucky to have the founder Director late Col Sadhu Singh, Ex commandant, Army Education Corps and Training Centre Panchmarhi who had an apt for accepting challenges of establishing new educational institutions as he had already established Delhi Public School in Ghaziabad. After a great deal of deliberation, a team of teachers was selected who believed in dedication, devotion and hard work.

It was on 15th July 1987 when the school was opened under heavy rains with the strength of 91 students from class I to V. The proceedings took place in the Satyashram premises which already had the blessings of Holy Saint Vasu Baba, who had immortalised himself in Chaitanya Samadhi here in 1981.

The affiliation was supposed to be a herculean task especially for an institution where foundation was laid on principle of truth where corruption had no place. However, I had different experience where unending hurdles and objctions were there at each step but our file came through without any extreme consideration. My stay at Lucknow was a great help in this regard where I had a privilege to meet the high-ups. I had to visit governor house for the same. It took almost three years in getting NOC from U.P. government & there after it was the turn to go to CBSE, at Delhi, At CBSE, it was different but papers moved faster and after the necessary formalities were completed, the Chairman CBSE Prof Khandelwas was kind enough to give me a patient hearing and when I narrated him particularly the will of my Buaji who was almost on death bed and had a desire to see the school affiliated in her own life time so that she may not carry it with her to heaven. He accepted my request after fulfilling the condition laid down by the office finally it was affiliated to CBSE on 6th October 1997.

KPC is now 31 years old and is continuously progressing under the blessings of its founders, Buaji and Babuji for achieving its objective of imparting modern education with the latest development of the west but keeping the Indian culture heritage. The major focus in this school is on unfolding hidden talents of the students to achieve their aims in life and I would speak that KPC is unique in the sense that it nurtures and direct the students to bring out their hidden talents in sport, culture activities etc. similar it gives top priority to students’ desire in study, e.g. if student has a desire to take science in class 11 but has not secured enough marks in class 10 for taking science it allows them and work on them because depriving a candidate for his future dream to be a doctor engineer or a scientist merely because he could not secure good marks in science or maths in class 10th is not justified. For this KPC has been selected for Excellence In Indian Education Awards 2017 and National Education Excellence Award 2018. It is because KPC students have come up in flying colour both in academic be securing more them 90-95% marks in board examination and as well as in representing their talents in the state and  the national level like Shalini Shinha who after achieving gold medal in CBSE eastern Zone as well as in CBSE Taekwondo championship finally bronze medal in representing India at international level similarly Ayush got first position in UK 3000 M race and representing at National level 5 position and Ankur bagged silver medal in Karate in UP & UK

I am sure this has been always by hard work of the students, teacher , principal with the cooperation of parents and chairman of KPC.


I am very thankful wish that KPC with its magnificent building congenial environment with nature blessing will continuously progress and provide ample opportunities to the students of Kashipur to  achieve their goal in life.


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